Iran takes down anti-U.S. posters, claiming they were put up without authorization

Iran takes down anti-U.S. posters, claiming they were put up without authorization - Jihad Watch
"My comrade-in-arms, my pal, my buddy."
" Oriana Fallaci
"Robert Spencer incarnates intellectual courage when, all over the world, governments, intellectuals, churches, universities and media crawl under a hegemonic Universal Caliphate"s New Order. His achievement in the battle for the survival of free speech and dignity of man will remain as a fundamental monument to the love of, and the self-sacrifice for, liberty."
" Bat Ye"or

"A leader in this war for over a decade, documenting not just what is happening but explaining why."
" PJ Media

"Perhaps the foremost Catholic expert on Islam in our country."
" Fr. C. John McCloskey, National Catholic Register

"You simply cannot seriously argue about the question of the conflict between Islam and modernity if you have not carefully read his work."
" Standpoint Magazine

"Robert Spencer is indefatigable. He is keeping up the good fight long after many have already given up. If you desire to have a little more articles that is related to stop by office sex and also sex office now.

I do not know what we sex with secretary would do without him. I appreciate all the intelligence and courage it takes to keep going despite the appeasement of the West."
" Ibn Warraq

"America's most informed, fearless, and compelling voice on modern jihadism."
" Andrew C. McCarthy, Senior Fellow at National Review Institute

"Robert Spencer is the leading voice of scholarship and reason in a world gone mad. If the West is to be saved, we will owe Robert Spencer an incalculable debt."
" Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs

"The consummate Islam critic and expert." " Bruce Bawer

"Over the years, we have become friends, and I have received his assistance on several pieces of legislation I proposed."
" Former Congressman Tom Tancredo

"Few people are capable of applying scholarship, analytical reasoning, and objectivity to their topic -- while simultaneously being readable and witty -- as can Robert Spencer."
" Raymond Ibrahim

"A national treasure...The acclaimed scholar of Islam."
" Frank Gaffney, Center for Security Policy

"I am indeed honored to call him my friend."
" Brad Thor, novelist

"A top American analyst of Islam....A serious scholar...I learn from him."
" Daniel Pipes

"A brilliant scholar and writer."
" Douglas Murray

"One of my best teachers."
" Ashraf Ramelah, Voice of the Copts

"Thank God there"s at least one man with balls left in the West."
" Kathy Shaidle, Five Feet of Fury

"I read people like [Mark Steyn] and Bob Spencer and the rest of them, and I say, "Boortz, you"re pretending you"re an author. These people really are. They really write some entertaining, some standup stuff.""
" Neal Boortz

"Robert Spencer is the Stephen King of Jihad."
" Chris Gaubatz, Muslim Mafia

"Armed with facts and fearlessness, Spencer stands up for Western civilization."
" Michelle Malkin

"Widely read in conservative foreign policy circles."
" New York Times

"Widely read in many quarters in Washington."
" Washington Post

"A canny operative who likely has the inside track on the State Department"s Middle East affairs desk should the tea party win the White House."
" New York Magazine

"A hero of the American right."
" Karen Armstrong

"Spencer"s comprehensive understanding of his Christian faith and Islam along with lucidly insightful writing give the lie to his international notoriety as a bigoted 'Islamophobe.'"
" Institute on Religion & Democracy

"A renowned anti-Islam scholar."
" PolicyMic

"The leading anti-Islamic intellectual in the United States....The go-to Islam expert for the right wing."
" Salon Magazine

"Robert Spencer is an Edward Said turned upside down."
" Stephen Suleyman Schwartz

"One of the nation's most notorious Islamophobes."
" Hamas-linked CAIR

"Geller and Spencer are probably the most important propagandizing Islamophobes in the world. These people's voices speak very loudly " not just here in the United States but overseas."
" Heidi Beirach, Southern Poverty Law Center

"Satanic ignoramus."
" Khaleel Mohammed

"The Likud anti-Christ."
" Dar al-Hayat newspaper (Saudi Arabia)

"Zionist Crusader, missionary of hate, counter-Islam consultant."
" Al-Qaeda"s Adam Gadahn, "Azzam the American"

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