QuizUp Allegedly Caught Leaking Private Information About Users

It is really important to keep in mind these weren't individuals who added me as buddies inside of the app, they were complete strangers in most sense," stated Richter in the blog post.

QuizUp asserted simply no information has been leaked through the bug and therefore they usually are usually not storing user facts about servers.
. The other bug will be fixed when Apple enables the app to be lesbiansistas updated about the Apple App Store.? QuizUp allows players compete against pals and strangers throughout over 300 categories of trivia. [Source: BI]

QuizUp did find two bugs as well as among them was fixed. This specific details consists of nevertheless isn"t limited to: total names, Facebook IDs, e-mail addresses, pictures, genders, birthdays, and also spot information pertaining to the location where the user at present is. I have been able to access your private information of a huge variety of individuals who I have in absolutely no way met, and also had no interaction with apart from we each used QuizUp. after signing fake agent up, the actual app asks for access to your own e-mail contacts or even Facebook friends.
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QuizUp Allegedly Caught Leaking Private Information Regarding Users

QuizUp is actually a new iPhone game that was introduced about the Apple App store earlier this month.? The Particular app hit two million users, yet livecamfun.com they will could happen in order to be leaking private information that provides been stored on your own phone.? that info has been sent to other users, according to Kyle Richter, developer of the contending trivia app referred in order to as Trivium.

"In the truth regarding QuizUp they actually send you additional users" personal information via plain-text(un-hashed); proper to your iPhone as well as iPod touch. These kinds of people likewise had access to my personal information

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